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The Story of Three Sisters

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What does the Turtle in our logo mean?

Our Turtle in our logo represents the Turtle Island. The logo draws inspiration from the profound wisdom of Indigenous cultures, paying homage to their sacred knowledge of time and cycles. The turtle is rooted in many creation stories and the three Sisters from the story of Three Sisters was planted on Turtle Island. At its core, the logo embodies the harmonious interplay of nature and spirituality, symbolizing the rhythmic dance of the universe.

Central to the design are the 13 moons, representing the traditional Indigenous lunar calendar. This calendar is deeply rooted in ancient traditions and observations of the natural world. Each moon signifies a distinct phase in the lunar cycle, providing a profound connection to the celestial rhythms that govern life's ebb and flow.

Adorning the Turtle's shell are 28 side-markings, denoting the 28 days that gracefully pass within each lunar cycle. The choice of the Turtle as our emblem holds special significance. the turtle logo stands as a reminder of the importance of aligning ourselves with the natural rhythms of the world. Through the turtle's embrace, we are encouraged to honor the ancient ways and recognize the deep connection between the human spirit and the universe.

With this logo, we acknowledge the richness of Indigenous knowledge and that can be found in the simple cycles of life. 

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