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Projects & Knowledge Sharing

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Through our projects, we actively engage in facilitating Indigenous participation, collaborating with governments on reconciliation efforts, and delivering comprehensive trainings that foster the sharing of Indigenous knowledge and ways of life. We firmly believe in the power of these initiatives to drive positive change and promote understanding.

Various business verticals we are involved in range from Indigenous engagement facilitation to strategic collaborations with government bodies. Our projects encompass a wide range of endeavors that aim to create a more inclusive society. At Three Sisters Consulting, we are committed to making a meaningful difference through our projects and knowledge sharing initiatives. Learn more about our work, and discover the rich tapestry of Indigenous wisdom that inspires and guides us.

Development of Indigenous Justice Strategy – Justice Canada

In consultation and cooperation with Indigenous and provincial and territorial partners, Justice Canada was working on developing an Indigenous Justice Strategy to address systemic discrimination and the overrepresentation of Indigenous people in the justice system. Three Sisters Consulting was tasked with providing services to ensure the implementation of a continuum of services for judicialized individuals and the Indigenous communities on the whole.

City of Toronto - Indigenous Heritage Engagement Project (IHEP)

Three Sister Consulting has been tasked with planning, outreach, and engagement facilitation services in support of the City of Toronto’s Indigenous Heritage Engagement Project (IHEP). The aim is to assist in authentic co-development of Tkaronto’s tangible and intangible heritage resources. Throughout the duration, Three Sisters Consulting will help in development of the Indigenous Heritage Engagement Project with the provision of Indigenous community outreach. 

Strategic Partnership with SEF Canada

Three Sisters Consulting and SEF Canada Ltd, are working together as strategic partners to improve sustainable opportunities for Indigenous businesses and communities through economic diversification and entrepreneurial development. The alliance between these two organizations is built on the shared goal of empowering Indigenous communities and promoting economic development.

RCMP HR Process

RCMP-Indigenous, Collaboration, Co-Development and Accountability (RICCA) was created in May 2021 as part of the RCMP’s Vision 150 as a priority to advance HR reconciliation, and proactively respond to the unique needs of RCMP Indigenous employees and Indigenous communities. As a partner organization of Three Sisters Consulting between August and December of 2022, KES hosted pre-briefings sessions with Indigenous stakeholders to assist the RCMP-RICCA in furthering discussion on RCMP Human Resource (HR)

Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians (AIAI):

Three Sisters Consulting conducted a Mental Wellness Team Development and Coordination project with AIAI to improve mental wellness in Indigenous communities by bringing together the seven member nations to share resources to help each Nation overcome obstacles, learn about new training opportunities, and strengthen the Mental Wellness teams. The project included bi-monthly conference calls with the AIAI Mental Wellness Teams (MWT), and a training plan was developed for the teams, which included updating the training chart, verifying links, adding new training, and circulating to the teams for feedback.

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