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About us


Who are we

We are an Indigenous -owned company operating under a Two-Eyed seeing approach, based out of Chatham, Ontario. We assist businesses, public services, and organizations to engage with Indigenous communities and peoples and vice-versa with an aim to empower through team building, strategic planning, and an approach to business rooted in Indigenous values. Our overarching long-term goal is to be able to raise Indigenous voices through complex public engagement. 

Who We Work With 


Communities, entrepreneurs & organizations  


Government departments & federal entities 


Businesses & corporations 

Our achievements 

As a for-profit corporation, we have worked nationally across Canada with individuals, organizations and communities across the spectrum. We have grown as a business for 5 years, however, staff have worked with Indigenous communities and organizations for over 20 years.  Over the years, the quality of our work has led us, through word of mouth, to work with a variety of clients on a range of complex issues.     

Additionally, using Indigenous values like Seven Grandfather Teachings, Clan System, and Circle Facilitation Model have allowed us to effectively utilize the strengths of each of our team member. This has created a wide range of expertise within the company.

What sets us apart

The fact that we have been able to implement Two-Eyed seeing and other Indigenous values in our day-to-day functioning has helped us empower our clients better over the course of our journey. Our methodology has allowed us to build trust and guide open conversations, resulting in valuable information exchange. 

At the core, we are Indigenous, woman-owned and operated business with a dynamic team of passionate individuals whose goals are to elevate Indigenous voices, to remove barriers for employment of Indigenous people through cultural training and to create diverse and inclusive workforces. 

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