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These are just some of the wonderful people we have worked with.

We hope to work with you, too, someday soon!

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Government and Community Relations, CAA Club Group

“Three Sisters Consulting have been an informative guide in CAA Club Group Government and Community Relations Department journey towards Reconciliation. Recognizing our multi-geographic operations and structure, we wanted to ensure our land acknowledgement policy is reflective of the goal of working towards reconciliation in an informed, sincere authentic manner. Three Sisters Consulting provided in depth research, resources, and tools to learn from and use. They started off by organizing and facilitating engagement sessions to ensure the land acknowledgement was genuine. Through their services we were offered insights on how to be all-encompassing to past, present and future interactions with Indigenous Peoples and communities as a corporation, while being mindful and utilizing OCAP Principles of ownership, control, access and possession. Three Sisters Consulting provided great education to the team and the experience had been exceptional.”  

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